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The Cayuga is one of the few duck breeds that originated in the United States.  They are a calm and hardy duck that lays varying shades of gray shelled eggs.

Please read before ordering.

All poultry is hatched on Tuesday and shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday. To ensure safe shipment, we do not ship less than 12 ducklings. You can mix and match Chicks, Ducks, Turkeys, and Guineas to meet your minimum. Pheasants and Chukars require a minimum of 35 for shipping. Bob White Quail require of minimum of 100 (shipping zone 1-4). For more information on ordering minimums, please go refer to the FAQ page.

Please call 208.459.9088 to place your mix matched order.

To have time to fill and ship orders for the current week, all orders need to be received by Monday at noon for Tuesday or Wednesday shipment.



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